• Dr. Nilam Panchal
  • Parth Langhneja
  • Jigar Makwana



Derivatives, Investor, Financial Market


The Indian Stock marketplace absolutely experienced remarkable increase inside the trading pastime in the last 25 years. The Derivatives section of the market commenced its operations with the launch of Index Futures by way of the National Stock change of India (NSE) within the 12 months 2000.Due to some adverse changes in this, which threatened the survival of business world. Therefore, in order to manage such risk, the new instruments have been developed in the financial markets, which are popularly known as financial derivatives at national and international financial market. Now there is a faster development in derivatives products as well as trading as they are very significant for every corporate and investor. The derivatives segment is to be handled by the SEBI. Derivatives segment is normal use by the trading purpose and other hand hedging purpose. In this research paper we have try to find the investors perception towards the derivatives market. Here we have found the popular strategy along with the all strategies also try to find the relation between the income and spent in the derivatives market. We have found out the psychology towards the derivatives instrument and then which problem facing the derivatives market by the investors.



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