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  • Ayush Ajmera Gujarat University



Equity market, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis


The annual inflation rate was 6.18% in 2020 from a downwardly revised 3.72% in the previous year. With the inflation rate higher than the average interest rate offered by the Indian Banks on the savings account being on an average 3.5 to 4%, Indians have started investing their money in equity or mutual funds. With more number of people aware about the equity market, and with constant encouragement by SEBI and GOI for educating people about the different avenues of investment, people have started considering investing in the stock market. The traditional investors today still focus more on Fixed Deposits and PPFs. But gradually, people have started being more aware about the stock market. To minimize the effect of risk various models and theories have been formulated. The two primary methods used to analyze the risk and the volatility of the market are: Fundamental & Technical Analysis. Secondary data from Money Control and many other sites is used for fundamental & technical analysis of 10companies from 5 different sectors (IT, Banking, Automobile, Health and Infrastructure). From research view point, the importance of fundamental & technical analysis in investment decisions can be observed and the sectors can be ranked according to their performance as well as investor preference.


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