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home loan, interest rate, financial banks


Home is the basic necessity of each and every individual. It executes as a living place for families. As home is a basic necessity and is useful in future, many people invest in purchasing of house. But nowadays, purchasing of house for middle class family is very difficult, as it is not affordable. So for the convenience of people, Government has provided the House Loan facility at lower rate of interest to every individual. Basically, A Housing Loan is to purchase the home on loan in which an individual pays an amount of installments every month at a particular interest rate. The loan is provided to an individual with the terms and conditions of banks like eligibility of the person, income of the person. Nowadays, many banks provide the facility of loan at different interest rates. The main point in loan is the interest rate. The main purpose of this comparative study is customer’s satisfaction and the procedure of home loan in public and private sectors bank.


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