• Himanshi Prajapati Gujarat University
  • Rushil Panchal Gujarat University
  • Kanica Sharma Gujarat University




Consumer, Electronic products, Online Shopping, Offline Shopping


Nowadays, online shopping is not a new concept but for few people it is a new phenomenon. Well, shopping is the most used term in everybody’s life, but online shopping is trending in this era. Some get the necessities from shopping, others get something more. It is viewed a way to complete some desire in the mind. If someone wants to talk to their closed one, they can, they see then they can send message free of cost, they can search anything on Google, they can find someone, they can send their love with gifts to their special ones and so on. This is the power of technology enhancement. This study is for shopping of electronic products whether consumer buys it online or offline. With the takeover of online market traditional market has down but some consumers are there who still prefer to shop offline. Electronic goods are the goods which one cannot easily buy from online and hence most of the people prefer offline shopping and some prefer online shopping. The purpose of this whole study is to find out that how many consumers prefer shopping electronic goods online and offline.


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Prajapati, H., Panchal, R., & Sharma, K. (2022). A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON ONLINE V/S OFFLINE SHOPPING FOR PURCHASING ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS. International Journal of Management, Public Policy and Research, 1(2), 42–48. https://doi.org/10.55829/ijmpr.v1i2.40